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You can get in contact with the Cuckoo developers and users through the Community portal or on IRC at the official #cuckoosandbox channel.

If you are encountering an issue you can’t solve and are looking for some help, go to our Community website.

Please read the following rules before posting:

  • Before posting, read the Community archives, the Cuckoo blog, the documentation and Google about your issue. DO NOT post questions that have already been answered over and over everywhere.
  • Posting messages saying just something like “Doesn’t work, help me” are completely useless. If something is not working report the error, paste the logs, the config file, the information on the virtual machine, the results of the troubleshooting, etc. Give context. We are not wizards and we don’t have a crystal ball.
  • Use a proper title. Stuff like “Doesn’t work”, “Help me”, “Error” are not proper titles.

Support Us

Cuckoo Sandbox is a completely open source software, released freely to the public and developed mostly during free time by volunteers. If you enjoy it and want to see it kept developed and updated, please consider supporting us.

We are always looking for financial support, hardware support and contributions of any sort. If you’re interested in cooperating, feel free to contact us.


Cuckoo Sandbox is an open source project result of the efforts and contributions of a lot of people who enjoyed volunteering some of their time for a greater good :).

Active Developers

Name Role Contact
Claudio nex Guarnieri Lead Developer nex at nex dot sx
Alessandro jekil Tanasi Developer alessandro at tanasi dot it
Jurriaan skier Bremer Developer jurriaanbremer at gmail dot com
Mark rep Schloesser Developer ms at mwcollect dot org


It’s hard at this point to keep track of all individual contributions. Following is the list of people who contributed code to our GitHub repository:

$ git shortlog -s -n
    1226  Jurriaan Bremer
    1119  Nex
    1076  jekil
     372  Dmitry Rodionov
     305  rep
     185  nex
     117  Thorsten Sick
      85  Ivan Kirillov
      50  Alessandro Tanasi
      24  Mark Schloesser
      24  Pietro Delsante
      24  Charlie Hanner
      22  David Maciejak
      15  Adam Meily
      14  Justin Roberts
      13  Greg Back
      11  r3comp1le
      10  lehmz
       9  Script Kiddie
       9  Christopher Schmitt
       7  Hugh Pearse
       7  SpoonBoy
       6  KillerInstinct
       6  Tal Jerome
       6  init99
       5  jamu
       5  Rajiv Subrahmanyam
       5  David Francos
       4  Nicky
       4  Chris Boettcher
       4  Adam Pridgen
       4  Ben Small
       4  Darren Spruell
       3  Thibault Marquand
       3  Allen Swackhamer
       3  Espen Fjellvær Olsen
       3  Jerome Marty
       3  Nagy Ferenc László
       3  Stephen DiCato
       3  mak
       3  robertsjw
       3  wzr
       3  z0mbiehunt3r
       2  Roberto Abdelkader Martínez Pérez
       2  kholbrook1303
       2  Will Metcalf
       2  bcyrill
       2  upsidedwn
       2  mcpacosy
       2  mt00at
       2  Henrique Menezes
       2  nsmfoo
       2  SecTecRes
       2  Shane-Carr
       2  Mario Vilas
       2  Gael Muller
       2  Jacob Gajek
       2  Richard Harman
       2  Mark Woan
       2  Max Taube
       2  Neriberto C.Prado
       2  Thomas Penteker
       2  Claudio Guarnieri
       2  Nitzan Carmel
       1  jvoisin
       1  l0ngestever
       1  Ben Lyon
       1  Andrea De Pasquale
       1  Alexander J
       1  Aitor Gómez
       1  vacmf
       1  sabri
       1  sharvilkatariya
       1  shendo
       1  Maxim Muzafarov
       1  Micha Lenk
       1  Michael George
       1  ssobr
       1  Michal Marek
       1  John Davison
       1  Jesús Hernández Gormaz
       1  RiddleLei
       1  Ryan Peck
       1  SnakeByte Lab
       1  tsmolka
       1  Fedele Mantuano
       1  =
       1  Edouard Chamillard
       1  Valter Santos
       1  bladeswords
       1  chimerhapsody
       1  chort
       1  chrestme
       1  consen
       1  dewiestr
       1  dspruell
       1  flo-vienna
       1  Crashman1983
       1  Benjamin Vanheuverzwijn

There is a number of friends who provided feedback, ideas and support during the years of development of this project, including:

  • Felix Leder
  • Tillmann Werner
  • Georg Wicherski
  • David Watson
  • Christian Seifert