Web interface

Cuckoo provides a full-fledged web interface in the form of a Django application. This interface will allow you to submit files, browse through the reports as well as search across all the analysis results.


The web interface pulls data from a Mongo database, so having the Mongo reporting module enabled in reporting.conf is mandatory for this interface. If that’s not the case, the application won’t start and it will raise an exception.

The interface can be configured by editing local_settings.py under web/web/:

# If you want to customize your cuckoo path set it here.
# CUCKOO_PATH = "/where/cuckoo/is/placed/"

# Maximum upload size.
MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE = 26214400

# Override default secret key stored in secret_key.py
# Make this unique, and don't share it with anybody.

# Local time zone for this installation. Choices can be found here:
# http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tz_zones_by_name
# although not all choices may be available on all operating systems.
# On Unix systems, a value of None will cause Django to use the same
# timezone as the operating system.
# If running in a Windows environment this must be set to the same as your
# system time zone.
TIME_ZONE = "America/Chicago"

# Language code for this installation. All choices can be found here:
# http://www.i18nguy.com/unicode/language-identifiers.html

    # ("Your Name", "your_email@example.com"),


# Allow verbose debug error message in case of application fault.
# It's strongly suggested to set it to False if you are serving the
# web application from a web server front-end (i.e. Apache).
DEBUG = True

# A list of strings representing the host/domain names that this Django site
# can serve.
# Values in this list can be fully qualified names (e.g. 'www.example.com').
# When DEBUG is True or when running tests, host validation is disabled; any
# host will be accepted. Thus it's usually only necessary to set it in production.


In order to start the web interface, you can simply run the following command from the web/ directory:

$ python manage.py runserver

If you want to configure the web interface as listening for any IP on a specified port, you can start it with the following command (replace PORT with the desired port number):

$ python manage.py runserver

You can serve Cuckoo’s web interface using WSGI interface with common web servers: Apache, Nginx, Unicorn and so on. Please refer both to the documentation of the web server of your choice as well as Django documentation.